Great Lakes Boat Yard
The Marine Art of Rick Hopper
Frequently Asked Questions
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Do you make a full model and then cut it in half?
  No.  Each model is constructed as you see it.   To make a full model and cut it in half would destroy    the work.   
How many hours does it take you to build a model?
  Each model if different.  In most cases, I build more than one at a time.  In general, it
  takes anywhere from 150 to 300 hours to research, carve, build, paint, and mount  a model.
Can you build anything?
  Many different materials are used for a model.  The hulls are carved from wood, the remaining            items are constructed out of sheet, rod, tube, and strip material.   For consistency purposes,
  some fittings are cast from molds from parts originally carved or constructed by me.
  Yes, providing I can get the drawings or plans.  In some cases, photographs are used to build
  details or to provide for proper scaling and location of an item on the model.  Typically, the finished
  model is built to represent a specific timeframe or "snapshot in history ".  Usually, that                          representation can only be achieved through photographs.
  Yes.  Please utilize the "Contact Us" link.   A deposit is required before any commissioned work
  will be accepted.    It typically takes 6 to 8 weeks to finish a special order, however sometimes 
  there may be other work ahead of yours.   The timeframe will be agreed upon before a deposit
  is accepted.
What is the model made out of?
Will you take commissions or special requests?